Ladder Logic for PIC and AVR

Quick summary:  Compiler that starts with a ladder diagram and generates native PIC16 or AVR code. Features include:

  • digital inputs and outputs
  • timers (TON, TOF, RTO)
  • counters (CTU, CTD, ‘circular counters’ for use like a sequencer)
  • analog inputs, analog (PWM) outputs
  • integer variables and arithmetic instructions
  • easy-to-use serial communications, to a PC, LCD, or other device
  • shift registers, look-up tables
  • EEPROM variables, whose values are not forgotten when you lose power
  • simulator, to test your program before you generate PIC/AVR code

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One Comment on “Ladder Logic for PIC and AVR”

  1. jura Says:

    This is a great program, very useful and easy to use. The use of anti lacking
    explanation connecting the LCD or LED indicators and the ability to copy rung.

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