LDmicro Ladder Programming Brainstorm

Hi every LDmicro user / lover,

If we have Linux on Computer, can we have LDmicro on Microcontroller?

My idea is if we have a open source high level code generator for popular microcontroller (e.g. PIC and AVR), all LDmicro friends may work together to build a “super LDmicro” for free.

Soon I will post my idea in detail.

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2 Comments on “LDmicro Ladder Programming Brainstorm”

  1. Vaibhav singh gaharwar Says:

    When u upload ‘super ldmicro’ then plz inform me.becoz it is not possible for me to continue check my email.

  2. jesus Says:

    Hi, I like the idea behind ldmicro, I always wanted to develop an open source PLC based on a 8051 or AVR microcontroller, I have experience with hardware and software tools and I would like to contribute on this project.

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