Serial Pony Prog (PonyProg_V207c) for ATmega8

Here is the modified Pony Prog serial writer circuit for ATmega8, ATmega16, ATmega32.
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Ok. I guess the most popular microcontrollers now a days in Bangladesh are ATmega8 and ATmega32. These microcontrollers have inverted reset, that does not work with the second circuit. So I am posting a circuit specially for these sort of noninverted IC. If your AVRs reset pin in datasheet have a bar on the name of it. ( Reset ) (or has a circle outsidethe pin of it), then this programmer is suitable for you. In the circuit diagram I have already shown the pin out of the BC 547 ic.

(Note: My programmer was not working. I tried to debug it and found that the Emitter and Base of the 547 IC was short circuit. So, to check if your BC547 is working properly, take your multimeter in diode mode, and check if  an approximately 0.7 Volt drop occur between base and emitter. This will save your valuable time of debugging. (3 hours in my case. )
The completed circuit is shown in picture. It is programming my ATmega8 microcontroller.

To program go to Lancos and download the latest version of Ponyprog from there (

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One Comment on “Serial Pony Prog (PonyProg_V207c) for ATmega8”

  1. Sudipto Says:

    I have made this one to program an ATMEGA8L. Using ponyprog read operation is successfully done.But when I tried to write, program is verified after writing and at last “Write failed” is shown. then I have read it again but it shown 00 as a hole. Also the read write operation is very slow.can u help me to make a successful and faster read write operation?

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